In recruiting always a
step ahead. With my
Recruiting Assistant!
We have developed the Recruiting Assistant to give you more time for real personnel selection.
Innovative process, meaningful applications.
Receive 50% more applications through your own career site
Less effort, faster filling of positions.
You get to know your candidate personally directly with the application & accelerate your selection process.
Pre-qualified applications, better matching.
Interview only suitable candidates* & save valuable time.
More time for real personnel selection.
We create free space for you so that you can concentrate on the decisive steps of your recruiting.
Your Jobufo Recruiting Assistant.
The future of recruiting for you, your job advertisements and your applicants. All in one award-winning SaaS solution.
Without IT effort, ready for use the next day.
Our Recruiting Assistant is compatible with all applicant management systems & 100% DSGVO compliant.
Personalize contactless recruiting.
Use your recruiting assistant for modern employer branding and inspire your applicants right from the start.
The best teams
trust in Jobufo
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We are your Recruiting Assistant.
Your advantages at a glance:
more & more meaningful applications
real first impression
only suitable interviews
faster staffing
of the applicants break their application
on the career page.
Increase the success of your career site -
with the Recruiting Assistant:
Personnel selection
more applications
without additional
marketing costs.
Normal career page
Completed applications
Not very transparent process
Rigid application process
Little mobile optimization
No individual assistance
With Jobufo Recruiting Assistant
More qualified applications
Intuitive application process
Innovative application forms
100% mobile optimized
Support of the applicants
without additional marketing
Get a real first impression of your applicants through:
Video message
Audio message
Telephone interview
Curriculum vitae & attachments always included with all options *
*There are other application options available to your applicants (e.g. short application or cover letter).
Save effort
& time through
*There are other application options available to your applicants (e.g. short application or cover letter).
Normal interview process
Many interviews must be conducted to identify qualified candidates.
With Jobufo Recruiting Assistant
Save valuable time!
Identify the right interview candidates in advance & accelerate your personnel selection.
Selection process
Less administrative
All advantages in one solution.
The Jobufo Recruiting Assistant:
Ihr Jobufo
Easy integration on your career site as button or link. Without programming effort & in your corporate design.
Already over 150.000
Job advertisements integrated
Possible application forms:
Video or voice message, telephone interview, cover letter, anonymous application, short application*

*Single options can be deactivated individually.

Jobufo button
Application process
Application receipt
Integration Recruiting Assistant per button - the example of ProSiebenSat.1
Integration Recruiting Assistant per button - the example of EDEKA
Integration Recruiting Assistant per link - the example of BMW Group
Your individual application process adapts to your corporate design
The applications always appear in your existing BMS (real view in Personio)
Example of a video application including a qualified summary - using ProsiebenSat.1 Media SE
Fast & directly into your
Applicant Management System!
Don't you think so? Request your test application now.
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Modern employer branding made easy:
Modern public image
Inspire your candidates with an innovative and unique application process.
Candidate Experience
Your candidates* have a unique application experience! Personal & individual support also via WhatsApp for Business.
Remote Recruiting
You will get to know your candidate personally as soon as we receive your application - even at a distance.
Digital & modern:
Master the new
Well known from:
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Start into the future now
your application process!
The Jobufo Recruiting Assistant is the winner of the independent HR Innovation Award 2019 in the category Recruiting & Attraction Startup of the leading exhibition Zukunft Personal.