Recruiting as modern and easy as it can get!

Most traditional application processes prevent applications or lead to high dropout rates. Every third 18- to 34-year-old* has already canceled an application process. At the same time, 69% of companies** complain about generic or too few applications.

Our application assistant supports your processes

Our application assistant accompanies the candidates through the application process in order to prevent abortions and generate a meaningful application.

As a personnel decision-maker, you will receive a real first impression of your applicants via video or audio clip as well as a qualified summary (including CV and attachments).

In addition, you benefit automatically from our targeted marketing on different channels. With our application assistant, we not only provide additional but also satisfied applicants.

*Jobwechsler-Studie 2019
**Statista 2018

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Jobufo's digital application wizard will provide you with meaningful applications.

Without IT effort, we bring the job application assistant on your career page and show your job ads automatically on our job channels (mobile, on the desktop and in our app).

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Jobufo supports you in your recruiting

Faster preselection of your applicants
100% DSGVO compliant
Compatible with all Applicant tracking systems
Automated integration without additional work of the IT colleagues

Why do companies choose Jobufo?


Accelerate selection processes

You receive a real first impression of your applicants - including CV and attachments. And no x-any cover letter.


Automated into the future

With just one link, you can make your career page fit for the mobile recruiting of the future.


Increase relevant range

You benefit from our target group-oriented marketing on the relevant channels.

With our application wizard, you focus on the right candidate right from the start.

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