Get more applicants - directly
from your career page.
With your Jobufo
Recruiting Assistant.
Increase the conversion rate
of your career page - to
reimburse your marketing costs.
We define your
application process
in a new way - perfectly
tailored to your candidates.
The Recruiting Assistant offers an excellent
Candidate Journey, which offers each of your
target groups the appropriate application form.
Ensuring you reach every candidate.
The Jobufo
Recruiting Assistant.
More than just
video applications.
By combining innovative application
forms and unique user guidance,
you will receive better
Direct connection
to your Applicant
Tracking System.
The Recruiting Assistant is ready for use
within 48 hours - without any IT effort.
And it connects to more than 80
Applicant Tracking Systems.
Remote ready!
Personal & individual
recruiting - no matter
what distance.
The future of recruiting starts now. Our
Recruiting Assistant creates a personal
and outstanding Candidate Experience.
Successful onboarding
is no coincidence.
The Recruiting Assistant offers you tools
for preboarding and assessment in a new
quality. Modern and tailored to your
own processes.
The new standard in digital recruiting.
By using our Recruiting Assistant, you will experience your
recruiting process on a whole new level
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Recruiting Assistant
Avoid candidate dropouts -
improved recruiting from
your own career page.
Up to 60% more conversion compared
to your standard application form
With no additional marketing costs.
The Recruiting Assistant is implemented via a button - directly on your career page.
The Recruiting Assistant provides a unique Candidate Journey.
Receiving Applications
The applications are sent directly to your Applicant Tracking System.
You’ll receive complete and checked applications. Including verified contact information.
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Integration Recruiting Assistant per Button - the Example of ProSiebenSat.1
Integration Recruiting Assistant per Button - using the example of EDEKA
Integration Recruiting Assistant per Button am Beispiel diva-e
Integration Recruiting Assistant per Button am Beispiel Viafon
Integration Recruiting Assistant per Link - am Beispiel BMW Group
Your individual application process adapts to your corporate design
The applications always appear in your existing BMS (real view in Personio)
Example of a video application incl. qualified summary - using ProsiebenSat.1 Media SE as an example.
The best teams
rely on Jobufo
Personio Remondis IKEA Nordsee SAP ProSiebenSat.1
Get candidates instead of only traffic
With the Recruiting Assistant, you turn your career
site traffic into meaningful job applications.
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Optimal process
The perfect
Candidate Journey
Jobufo starts where common job application forms give up. A unique user guidance ensures that your candidates are better engaged in the application process.
This way, every Euro you invest in job advertisements pays off.
Inform individually
Perfect workflow
The perfect
recruiting tool for all
your target groups
A unique recruiting ecosystem - for you and your candidates
  • Video application
    Introduction via 30-60 second selfie video clip
  • Voice message
    Introduction via 30-60 second voice message
  • Telephone interview
    short interview via telephone including written summary
  • Short application
    3-5 predefined questions are answered e.g. via WhatsApp
  • Anonymized application
    No information is provided that allows conclusions to be drawn about certain personal characteristics
  • Diagnostics
    Mobile-optimized assessments that deliver valid results
Various application options - always a complete application including resume & attachments.
This way you will
not lose candidates anymore.
Our team of career coaches supports your candidates if any hurdles or queries arise. Your HR department & your candidates will be enthusiastic about the personal support.
An award-winning application process that is also convincing to recruiters.
Jobufo is the winner of the independent Innovation Award in 2019,
and its efficiency is already delighting over 150 enterprise customers.
Simple integration
Integration of the Jobufo-button on your career site
Tell us which ATS you are using
Receive the applications directly into your ATS
Our partners:
+80 more
Easy connection
to your existing
HR systems
The Recruiting Assistant connects effortlessly to your Applicant Tracking System. This allows you to receive applications seamlessly and without further IT effort.
Experience connectivity now
Automated mirroring and updating of your job postings.
The Recruiting Assistant automatically mirrors your current job advertisements to and to Jobufo App - free of charge & updated daily.
This way, your jobs always remain up-to-date without any effort plus you have additional posting channels for free.
Remote Recruiting
We create a customized environment
for your candidates.
Our career coaches maintain personal contact with your candidates. This way, they receive useful support in the event of hurdles or questions within the application process. As a recruiter, you can rely on high-quality applications and happy candidates. Employer Branding on a new level - even across distances.
Diagnostics & Assessments with a gamification-factor
personalized Welcome- & Onboardingvideos.
Coupon tool for successful Preboarding
A unique
recruiting ecosystem -
for you and your
Benefit from a wide range of tools for your successful Preboarding process.
Design your Recruiting & Onboarding.
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The new era in digital recruiting starts now!
We would be happy to show you how the Jobufo Recruiting Assistant can easily improve your recruiting processes.
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