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About Jobufo:

Everything began two years ago with a simple question about applications in the premises of a local start-up initiative:

If no one reads any applications, why do we force ourselves to write them?

Anyone who has already written an application and who has sunk his whole heart blood in this cover letter will have asked this question.

In order to find an answer, we are concerned with how you could possibly apply alternatively - with equal or even better quality.

The result is an app that, through the use of videos as a substitute for motivational letters, gives more information about the candidate than the good old cover letter.

The app is mainly used by young people between 14-25 years, who are looking for an apprenticeship, a part-time job, an internship or a dual course of study. As users of apps such as Snapchat, Youtube and Instagram, they know how to deal with videos as part of their daily lifes.

Our technology also provides a way to integrate refugees into the labor market and to create a form of application which demonstrates language skills, is completely mobile available and helps to reduces prejudice.

Our path brought us through the founding of founding initiatives such as the Gründermagnet e.V, the participation in the SpinLab Accelerator of the HHL in Leipzig, and the Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin.

In the meantime, we are sitting in the heart of Berlin and have built up a fantastic team, which every day proudly helps to bring together applicants and companies.

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