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    To stand out from the mass of classic cover letters
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    To promote yourself in a variety of places - 100% digital always available
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    You will get a first real impression of your applicants - including CV and attachments.
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    With just one link, you can make your career page fit for the mobile recruiting of the future.
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    Speed ​​up the selection process

    The meaningful applications go directly into your application management system.
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    Modern candidate careers

    Each applicant will be taken care of by WhatsApp and telephone until the application is received.
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Any questions?

What if I want to delete my video/audio?

The rights of your video/audio are completely yours at all times. You can delete your video/audio in your profile at any time. Then neither we, nor the companies you have applied to, can access your video/audio any longer.

Creating an application via video or audio sounds pretty complicated, how long will the application take me?

It's not complicated at all! If you are quick, you will be done with your application in just a few minutes! The video/audio is only 30 seconds in length and we are happy to help you with all the steps. We promise: In any case it will be faster than creating a written application.

What kinds of jobs can I find on Jobufo?

You’ll find full-time and part-time jobs as well as internships, vocational trainings, mini and student jobs. A job that requires an application? Jobufo has it!

Do I have to pay for Jobufo?

No, you don’t have to pay for our service under any circumstances. Jobufo is 100% free.

Will the companies take my application seriously?

Applying via video or audio is not only faster and easier for the applicant but also for the companies and personnel managers. Many companies appreciate a real first impression and are excited to receive your application!

How do I upload my CV and certificates?

You can easily type in your CV in our app or on our website in the “education” and “jobs” section in your profile. Use your smartphone to take pictures of your certificates and simply upload them.

How will the companies I applied to get back to me?

The companies usually respond by email. So make sure you check your mails (and the spam folder) regularly! It is also possible that companies call you. If an unknown number calls you after your application, don’t be surprised. Take the call, it could be your dream job calling you!

What will my salary be?

The salaries vary greatly, depending on the job, company and location. Jobufo is mainly taking care of your application, therefore we don’t have detailed information about salaries.

I would like to apply with Jobufo, but I can’t find jobs I like. Can I also use Jobufo to apply for jobs that aren’t in the app or on the website?

Register and complete your profile with your attachments and your video or audio application. Then let us know which company should receive your application and we will take care of the rest!

What do I do if I don't know what to say in my application?

Don't worry, we'll help you with your application and give you advice on what is important for your profession or training. We will also give you tips on how to present yourself in the best possible way. Together with you, we work out what you can say and advise you until your video or audio application shows you and your strengths perfectly.

How long will it take until the companies respond to my application?

The response time varies throughout the companies. Some might get back to you within a few days, others might do that after a few weeks. Unfortunately, we can’t influence how quickly the companies review your application, but let us know if you have any concerns.

When will my application actually be sent to the company of my choice?

Our Team will check your profile before sending the application out to make sure there are no typos or blurry photos and everything is in the right place. If you meet the following 3 criteria, your application is complete and will be reviewed and sent as soon as possible: - Your video/voice message is uploaded - Completely filled in CV - Attached certificates

Can I upload multiple videos to apply for different jobs?

Yes, you can upload as many videos as you want. The Jobufo team will then send the matching video to the company.

Who can see my video/hear my voice message once it’s uploaded to my profile?

Only you and your personal Jobufo Coach can see the video or hear your message. If both of you are happy with the video/audio, we will send your application to the company. Don't worry, your application won't be public at any time!

I don't dare to make a video or a voice recording. What if I embarrass myself?

There is nothing to be afraid of! You introduce yourself in real life all the time and it’s actually not that different on camera. Also, we are happy to help you prepare and practice for your video/audio via video call. Have a look at our example videos, you’ll see that it’s really cool to get to know people this way!

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